THe Session

At First Presbyterian Church, decisions are made by the Session, a council of twenty-one elders elected to three year terms who together prayerfully discern God's will for our church.

Class of 2019

Lisa Fitchett

Billy Ray Godwin, Jr. 

June Green

Cindy Smith

Gale Tart

Ryan Taylor

Heather Williams (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2018

David Bradham

Brad Brown

Bill Lasater

Tilghman Pope

Matthew Smith

A.C. Williams

Courtney Williams

Class of 2020

Susan Hatley

Linda Hayes

Linda Lee

Bryant Pope

Clint Stanley

Caron Stewart

John Williams

The Diaconate

At First Presbyterian Church, the work of service and congregational care is coordinated by the Diaconate, a council of twelve deacons elected to three year terms who work together to use the gifts of all of our members to show God's love to our neighbors and world.

Class of 2018

Faye Jackson

Casey Kerley

Natalie Turner

Patsy Williams

Class of 2020

Claudette Green

Melissa Stevens

Russ Warren

Susan Williamson

Class of 2019

Morgan Colmenero

Lee Herring

Anne Johnson

Jackye Sholar