Worship With Us

You are invited to join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 AM in our Sanctuary. Our traditional reformed service includes prayer, singing and teaching from Scripture. Our octagonal Sanctuary is arranged in the round, and that’s intentional. We believe worship isn't a performance, but a holy conversation between God and God's people.

All are welcome to worship with us. Come as you are. Children of all ages are welcome in worship, but a nursery is available as needed for children age four and younger.

When is worship?

Worship starts at 11:00 AM every Sunday morning in the Sanctuary. We recommend you try to arrive a few minutes early.

If you're interested in going deeper, Sunday School classes meet at 9:45 AM for all ages from Labor Day until Memorial Day.

How should I dress?

There is no dress code at First Presbyterian Church. Some people wear suits and dresses, others wear jeans. We believe Jesus welcomed everyone in worship!

What do I do with my kids?

Our worship service includes a time for a message specifically for children from Pastor Howard. Children of all ages are welcome in our worship service, but we offer nurseries for children 4 years old and younger who may not be ready to sit through the entire service. You can sign in your children, age 4 and under, in the nursery before the service, or take your children to the nursery after Pastor Howard's message for children.

If at any point you need to step out of the service with your child, we have a space outside the church office with speakers so that you can hear the service.

We have worship bags available for older children that include coloring books and activities for kids, located in the hall outside the church office.

Where do I park?

Our church has three designated parking areas:

- The Morris Circle/Cole Street parking lot on the backside of the church, across from the playground.

- The Park Ave/Cole Street parking lot on the frontside of the church, across from the Sanctuary.

- The Granville/Morris Circle driveway/parking lot, reserved for the handicapped, elderly, and parents of young children.

What door do I go in?

Not all of our entrances are unlocked on Sunday mornings, but all of our entrances have signs on them telling you where to go.

What's the service like?

At First Presbyterian Church, we have a traditional, liturgical worship service. Our typical service includes responsive readings, read-out-loud prayers, hymns sung to the organ and piano, music from our choir and other guest musicians, readings from scripture and a sermon from our pastor. Our service always starts with a time of greeting one another.

Our service is led from a printed Order of Worship that you will receive when you enter the sanctuary. All you have to do is follow along!

Why do you worship the way you do?

We believe worship isn't a performance or a show or a motivational speech. Worship is supposed to be a conversation between God and us. Each week, we confess before God that we are not perfect, we sing praise and thanksgiving to God, and we listen for God to send us out in to the world filled with a little more hope and love.

Worship & Music Opportunities




If you love to sing, we encourage you to join our Sanctuary Choir, led by Kristen Anderson, our Director of Music. Our choir leads us in singing every week in worship and we always welcome new voices.  No experience or expertise necessary! You don't even need to be able to read music. All you need is a voice and a love for music and singing.

Worship & Music Opportunities for Children



For 3rd through 5th Graders

WEDNESDAYS at 5:00 PM in the CHOIR ROOM, 5:30 PM in the BELL ROOM

Our JAM (Jesus And Me) Kid's ministries includes music programing every Wednesday Night, led by Kristen Anderson and Dena Bradham, our Directors of Music and Christian Education. Our JAM kids sing and play handbells in Sunday morning worship occasionally throughout the year. 



For Kindergarteners through 2nd Graders

WEDNESDAYS at  5:00 PM in the BELL ROOM, 5:30 PM in the CHOIR ROOM

Our JAM Jr (Jesus And Me Junior) Kid's ministries include music programming every Wednesday Night, led by Kristen Anderson and Dena Bradham, our Directors of Music and Christian Education. Our JAM Jr. Kids sing and play chimes in Sunday morning worship occasionally throughout the year.