Last April our Session adopted a five-year vision plan for our church. We set five specific goals we hope to meet over the course of the next five years, meant to fully equip our church to deepen our discipleship of Christ together.

In order to meet this vision, the Session set a goal to raise $350,000 in one time gifts by the end of April 2019, over and above our pledged giving, so that we can pay off our church mortgage, freeing up the space in our church budget to tackle these needs. 

The Session’s aim is to tackle this $350,000 together as one team. Our goal is that 100% of our church family will contribute something to this effort, even if all you may be able to contribute is a few dollars.

Five Goals over Five Years:

By raising $350,000 together, our congregation will plan to do the following over the next five years:

Commit a tithe of what we raise over the next five years, to the DUMA Food Pantry.

Tithing is the ancient biblical principle of offering one tenth of all you produce back to God. Therefore, if we meet our goal, before we spend anything on our own church, we will first commit $7,000 each year for the next five years from our church budget to the DUMA Food Pantry. This year, we’ve already committed $3500 from our budget on the way to this goal.

Balance the Budget

We believe God calls us to be good caretakers of what has been entrusted to us. After running a deficit of over $10,000 for the past three years, we will maintain a balanced church budget. This year, we’ve already balanced our budget through increased giving.

Build a ‘facilities fund’ of at least $50,000 to support the maintenance and upkeep of our facility.  

We will establish and build up a reserve fund that could be drawn from to maintain our church’s facilities as needs arise. Needs such as replacing h-vac units, roofs, flooring and windows arise regularly, and make big expenses. Through legacy gifts, we’ve already built our facilities fund up to $20,000.

Add to the program staffing of our church to support the discipleship of our congregation. 

Once a facilities fund has been built, we aim to increase our staff to at least two full time program staff members. Program staff members are those who directly plan and lead the discipleship development ministry programs at our church: worship, children’s ministries, youth ministries, music ministries, mission and service.

Upgrades around the church. 

After building our facilities fund and adding to our program staff, we’d commit anything left to special upgrades we might need around the church: audio and visual systems, sanctuary beautification, playground and parking lot upgrades.

Commitments so Far:

As of April 2019, we’ve already received 57 commitments to this project, totaling over $185,000 in one time gifts, of which $157,000 has been paid.

All money received for this project has gone directly to paying the principle on our debt. As of January 2019, the amount owed on the church’s mortgage has already been greatly reduced.

We’ve already accomplished our first goal of balancing the budget, and our 2019 budget includes $3,500 designated for mission at the DUMA Food Pantry—- a tithe of what we’ve raised so far, and we’re almost halfway to our facilities fund.

We hope that you and your family will make a one time gift by April 2019 over and above your 2019 pledge in support of this vision project. 100% of our church officers have committed to this project, and we hope that 100% of our congregation will commit whatever they can to this project as well.